Episode 1: Happy Thanksgriving

6:05, a new old-school wrestling podcast with David Bixenspan and Brian Last debuts with discussion of (in theory, as you’ll see):

  • Our fandom of pro wrestling on Superstation WTBS (you’re shocked, we know).
  • Terry Funk, and why meeting him is awesome.

But really, this show is just an excuse for us to talk about old wrestling each week. Everything from what names we got wrong reading magazines as kids to Titanes en el Ring to the preferred shop for wrestling magazines in our city in our youth to Brian having this painting of Dick the Bruiser created by Wayne St. Wayne/Mike Hammer/Dr. Blood while on acid:

It’s the first episode, so be kind. No, we’re not sure why that buzzing appeared suddenly at times. Yes, please disregard the theme song discussion because it had to be changed in editing due to an unforeseen technical issue (really!). But have fun and let us know what you think!

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