Jim Cornette (Photo via PopMatters)

Episode 4: Jim Cornette

Our friend and long-time wrestling fan/tape trader/photographer Jim Cornette joins us for a chat about all sorts of random wrestling topics including:

  • Tape trading, the hunt for more wrestling in general, and the “command center” he jury-rigged when he went to Mid-South.
  • Satoru Sayama/original Tiger Mask, why he was successful, does his stuff hold up, how did his predecessors like Gran Hamada and Tatsumi Fujinami compare, etc.
  • How insider terms evolved and how fans becoming “smart” changed backstage etiquette.
  • The greatness of Jim and Brian’s late friend Dennis Coralluzzo.
  • Corny watching Pibe Diez’s accident in real time on the air..

And much more! This is a very different Jim Cornette podcast than what you’re used to.

Here’s this week’s YouTube playlist thanks to Allan Blackstock:

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