Episode 95: House Doctor

The MOTHERSHIP has landed, and that means it is time for the latest episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  Join The Great Brian Last for this packed episode, featuring:

– Ross Hart joins the show to discuss the Dynamite Kid’s legacy in Calgary.  Ross talks about the arrival of Tom Billington and how it changed the way Stu Hart thought of light heavyweight wrestlers.  We hear about the impact of Dynamite on Stampede, as well how & why Dynamite turned heel for the first time.  We discuss the British Bulldogs & the period of time when the Bulldogs walked out of the WWF & signed with All Japan.  Ross also goes into detail about what it was like when Dynamite returned to Calgary as the booker, as well as the physical toll wrestling took on him!

– Wrestling historian George Schire returns to discuss the life & career of Larry Hennig.  We hear about Larry’s entire career in the AWA, including his on-camera & off-camera rivalry with Verne Gagne, his teaming with Harley Race, the introduction of “The Axe,” his babyface turn, his relationship with his son Curt & much more!  George also shares his stories of personal interactions with Larry!

– Todd Loyd joins the show to discuss growing up a wrestling fan in Nashville, as well as the unique experience his fandom led him to: starring in Ernest Goes To Camp!

– Ron Fuller stops by to discuss the recently unearthed audio of the Knoxville Five (Bob Roop, Ronnie Garvin, Ron Wright, Boris Malenko & Bob Orton Jr.) exposing the business in 1979 at the height of the Knoxville wrestling war!  After getting the Tennessee Stud’s thoughts, we hear this stunning audio!

– Jerry Grey, The Golden Boy, returns this week to talk about several topics, including Eddie Graham’s payoffs, Dusty leaving for Crockett, smuggling drugs on Crockett’s plane, wrestling in a stadium, Jake Roberts & more!

– Our pal Kurt Brown is back this week to discuss his memories of discovering the Dynamite Kid in 1983 and the impact Dynamite had on smart fans & tape traders, as well as his impact on junior heavyweight wrestlers, which is still being felt today.  Kurt also shares some thoughts on the recent passing of Wayne St. Wayne.



Book Of The Week:
Memoirs Of A Mad Man by Mad Man Pondo & John Cosper
George South Record Book by George South & Jason Freeman
Asheville Wrestling 1930 – 1973 by Jason Freeman

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Time Stamps:

  • Jerry Grey (0:01:30)
  • George Schire on Larry Hennig (0:38:38)
  • Kurt Brown on Wayne St. Wayne & Dynamite Kid (1:31:19)
  • Todd Loyd (2:04:26)
  • Ron Fuller & audio of the Knoxville Five (2:49:23)
  • Ross Hart on Dynamite Kid in Calgary (3:19:48)

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