6:05 Superpodcast

Episode 53: First Anniversary Show


We’re celebrating one year of the Superpodcast, with this, the first anniversary show!  Jim Cornette is in the co-host chair once again, joining The Great Brian Last for this special episode of 6:05, featuring: –  TGBL & Jim discuss many…
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Episode 52: The Invulnerable Head


The Mothership has touched down once again and the 6:05 is here for another episode of classic wrestling conversation & excitement!  The Great Brian Last is joined this week by Travis Heckel, the Superpodcast’s art director, for a packed show,…
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Episode 50: The Doctors


The MOTHERSHIP has landed and another highly sought after episode of the Superpodcast is here!  Kurt Brown, aka Vandal Drummond, takes his seat in the co-host chair again to join The Great Brian Last on another journey into a classic…
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Episode 49: Stunt Granny


Your weekly fix of the Superpodcast has arrived!  Popular co-host Tom Robinson is back in the co-host chair this week, joining The Great Brian Last, for another fun trip on the Mothership!  This week’s show features: – An extensive interview…
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Episode 48: Old Lady


CALL SOMEBODY!  The Superpodcast returns for another packed show combining the best in wrestling history and humor!  Join The Great Brian Last and this week’s co-host chair Bob Barnett for a wild show, featuring: – What happens when Dennis Coralluzzo…
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Episode 47: Only The Day Of


The Superpodcast is back!  The Great Brian Last is joined by Scott Cornish, in the co-host chair, for this week’s show, which features: – Wrestling Historian Tom Burke talking about Wild Bull Curry.  Tom didn’t just study Bull Curry’s career,…
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