Episode 50: The Doctors

The MOTHERSHIP has landed and another highly sought after episode of the Superpodcast is here!  Kurt Brown, aka Vandal Drummond, takes his seat in the co-host chair again to join The Great Brian Last on another journey into a classic wrestling state of euphoria.  This week’s show features:

– An extensive interview with Dr. Tom Prichard, covering his days as a fan and his earliest days in the wrestling business.  We talk about the differences between West Texas wrestling and Houston wrestling, Wild Bull Curry, working in the Houston office as a teenager, training with the Iron Sheik, Gino Hernandez and much more!  Also, Tom shares his memories of working in Los Angeles, Portland and Atlanta, as well as his thoughts on working with Chris Colt.  This interview is one of the best in Superpodcast history!

– Sheldon Goldberg joins the show for the Dennis Of The Week, paying tribute to his friend Dennis Coralluzzo.  Sheldon talks about how important Dennis was to the progression of independent wrestling and what he meant to the 1990’s independent wrestling scene.  We also hear about what the Massachusetts indie scene was like.  This is a really fun conversation that sheds light on the often ignored history of independent wrestling.

– Part two of our John Tolos audio, this time featuring interviews from June of 1971 dealing with Tolos’ feuds with Mil Mascaras and Fred Blassie.

– As usual, the Top Ten turns into a series of wide ranging conversations, as TGBL & Kurt discuss topics such as All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, The Bionic Wrestler Lars Anderson, Dick Lane, Los Angeles studio wrestling, Rex Arnold, the Los Angeles independent scene of the early 1980’s and much more!  Kurt also shares some amazing stories about Dr. Jerry Graham!  The Top Ten also features Sheldon Goldberg’s stories about Mike Lano, and appearances by Stuttering Tommy Rich and the Impressionist Jim Ross!


Time Stamps:

  • Superuniverse Top Ten (0:17:54)
  • Fantasy Booking (2:09:30)
  • Here and There (2:16:00)
  • John Tolos audio (2:30:09)
  • Dennis Of The Week with Sheldon Goldberg (2:37:39)
  • Dr. Tom Prichard (3:03:12)

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