Episode 74: Memory Full

The Mothership has landed, and the latest episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast has arrived!  This week, The Great Brian Last is joined by popular co-host Kurt Brown, aka Vandal Drummond, for a slam packed show, featuring:

– In The News with Jim Cornette returns this week, with a look at classic wrestling newspaper articles covering in-ring deaths, a wrestling match resulting in a grand jury inquiry, an extremely long match, a painful case of mistaken identity and more!

– In part two of our discussion with Tony Meyers, Tony shares his memories of his mentor, the late Mr. Pogo.  We hear all about Pogo’s career, including why he had to get a real job while working in Los Angeles.  Tony tells us how Pogo got his name, why he ended up wrestling a hardcore style, and what Pogo the promoter was like to work for.  Tony also goes into detail about Mr’ Pogo’s last days.

– TGBL & Kurt talk about Wild Bull Curry, Chavo Guerrero, Dory Funk Jr. and, of course, Dr. Jerry Graham.  Also, a new Larry Nelson sound bite, a debate on silliness in wrestling, Kurt’s story of presenting Yoshihiro Asai with an award & more!  Plus an update on the medical condition of Tom Robinson!



Book Of The Week:

Tuesday Night At The Gardens: Pro Wrestling In Louisville by Jim Cornette with Mark James

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Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:09:09)
  • Fantasy Booking (2:15:10)
  • Here & There (2:22:08)
  • Tony Myers part two (2:52:28)
  • In The News with Jim Cornette (3:40:12)

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