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Episode 66: Baby Baby

The Mothership has landed and it is time for another edition of the only podcast that matters!  This week on the 6:05 Superpodcast, The Great Brian Last is joined again by Tom Robinson for a fun show, featuring:

– The Superpodcast Roundtable debuts with Jeff Walton & John Arezzi discussing Fred Blassie and their Blassie Fan Clubs.  This fun talk gives insight on exactly how Jeff & John each met Blassie and how both of them received permission to run his fan club.  We hear what the fan club scene was like, and what membership included.  This segment also shines a light on what kind of guy Fred Blassie was, and why so many loved him.

– Classic audio from Dennis Coralluzzo’s 1997 Eddie Gilbert Tribute Luncheon.  This was the second annual tribute to Eddie, and featured speeches by Bill Watts, Bill Apter, Jim Cornette, Harley Race, Buddy Landel, Tommy Gilbert & more.

– Bobby Blaze joins the show to discuss his recent appearance on the news about a new club operating in his home town.

– TGBL & TR talk about everything from the Wrestle War ’90 rap to Larry Sharpe.  Also, TRnac, the Handsome Boogie Man, Stuttering Tommy Rich, new sound drops & much more!



Book Of The Week:

Richmond 9-5171: A Wrestling Story by Jeff Walton with Scott Walton

The Top Ten is sponsored by Ramseur Records & the May 5th release of David Childers’ new album “Run Skeleton Run.”

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:15:25)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:16:40)
  • Here & There (1:30:17)
  • Bobby Blaze (1:40:21)
  • 1997 Eddie Gilbert Tribute Luncheon (1:50:54)
  • Superpodcast Roundtable with Jeff Walton & John Arezzi (2:49:00)

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