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Episode 57: Backstage Nazi

The Superpodcast is back for another week of action, as The Great Brian Last is joined by Kurt Brown, aka Vandal Drummond, for another ride on the Mothership of wrestling podcasts.  The 6:05 this week features:

  The debut of a new segment: In The News.  Jim Cornette & TGBL look back at newspaper headlines and stories from years gone by.  Among the names discussed this week are Dick The Bruiser, Elvis Presley, Sam Muchnick, Don Curtis & Babe Ruth.

– Tom Hankins, author of our Book Of The Week “The Mat, The Mob & Music” joins the show to talk about his career in and around wrestling.  Tom discusses the fan club scene of the early 1960’s, as well as wrestling in Iowa.   We will hear the fan convention Tom attended in Indianapolis where he met Jack Prefer and the memorable story of the role Bobby Hennan played in getting a young Tom laid.  Tom talks about the meeting he had with Nick Gulas after he almost caused Memphis wrestling to be thrown off TV.  We also hear about the early 1980’s Los Angeles scene in the dying days of the LeBell wrestling promotion.  Plus, Tom talks about The Hangman and tells us what he knows about the career of Bruce Pobanz!

– Kurt & TGBL chat about numerous topics, including Incredibly Strange Wrestling, Diamond Timothy Flowers, Bobby Shane, the death of David Von Erich, California Championship Wrestling, and more!  Kurt shares a bunch of amazing Dr. Jerry Graham stories as well!

Plus TRnac, Stuttering Tommy Rich, the Handsome Boogie Man and much more!


Book Of The Week:

The Mat, The Mob & Music! by Tom Hankins

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:26:59)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:43:10)
  • Here & There (1:52:53)
  • In The News with Jim Cornette (2:12:40)
  • Tom Hankins part one (3:05:108)

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