Episode 28: Cherry Bombs In Toilets

The only podcast on Turner Time, the 6:05 Superpodcast, is back with another packed episode! This week’s edition includes:

  • A conversation with Bob Barnett, with him talking about seeing Rocca, Valentine & The Grahams as a kid, his lone childhood interaction with a young Vince McMahon, his multiple experiences seeing The Sheik live, John Tolos and wrestling at the Olympic Auditorium, Dr. Mike Lano’s escapade at Louie Spicolli’s funeral and much more!
  • A talk with Jammie Ward, discussing how he got involved with tape trading and newsletter writing in the early 1980’s. We’ll talk about what the scene was like and tape traders found each other.
  • More on Glen Goza and his hit song RASSLIN’! We play an amazing botched lyric from a live performance and read a story about how Glen got involved with the Von Erich family.

Also, we cover the death notice for the Fake Stan Lane, The Superuniverse Top Ten & fantasy booking, 1-900 Hot Bruno, Listener follow ups, the Homophobia Of The Week and a special Dennis Of The Week where we ask for your help. All of that and much, much more!

Book of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Glen Goza updates (1:15:44)
  • Jammie Ward (1:41:27)
  • Bob Barnett (2:31:14)

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