Episode 46: Under The Bleachers

It’s a special edition of the 6:05 Superpodcast, as The Great Brian Last is tired & cranky and co-host Tom Robinson is under the weather.  This week’s installment of the MOTHERSHIP features:

– Jim Cornette sharing his memories and thoughts about Chris Colt, as well as watching the Chris Colt Experience in action while supplying commentary.

– Les Thatcher talking about some of the earliest examples of merchandising in modern professional wrestling.  Les lets us know about his tee shirt company with the Brisco Brothers and Thunderbolt Patterson, as well as his work producing magazines for Mid Atlantic and the WWWF.  Les also talks about the development of his Personality Profile segments for Southeastern Championship Wrestling and his flirtation with joining the WWF in 1985.

– Dan Farren, longtime California referee, tells us all about the one time he worked for Herb Abrams and the UWF and why it wasn’t a great experience.

– Amy Lee joins the show again for the Dennis Of The Week, this time talking about the many Northeast wrestlers who Dennis Coralluzzo gave breaks to in the wrestling business.

– The conversation with TGBL and TR touches on many topics, including gymnastics, Tom’s recent run ins with Bobby Fulton and Terry Funk, TGBL’s teenage attempt at a Terry Funk record book, Tommy Rich, JW Storm, Bubba Ray Dudley, Taz, David Crockett, Mike Lano on the radio, Lou Albano’s PSA, Jim Ross and much more!


Time Stamps:

  • Superuniverse Top 10 (0:12:26)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:07:19)
  • Here & There (1:16:037)
  • Talking with Tom (1:29:56)
  • Dan Farren on Herb Abrams (1:54:27)
  • Jim Cornette on Chris Colt (2:07:06)
  • Dennis Of The Week with Amy Lee (2:32:07)
  • Les Thatcher on merchandise (3:09:21)

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