Episode 53: First Anniversary Show

We’re celebrating one year of the Superpodcast, with this, the first anniversary show!  Jim Cornette is in the co-host chair once again, joining The Great Brian Last for this special episode of 6:05, featuring:

  TGBL & Jim discuss many topics, including the 1989 NWA booking committee, masked wrestlers unmasked, Mark Ragin, the WFIA, the greatness of Lance Russell, Eddie Gilbert, Tony Rumble, 1970’s wrestling magazines, Wayne Ferris as The Kisser and much more!

– World renowned magician Franz Harary joins the show to discuss his work for WCW in 1990 during the Black Scorpion angle.  From working with Ole to ideas that never materialized due to budget constraints, Franz shares all he remembers from his brief experience with the world of professional wrestling.

– Marc Coralluzzo joins the show to discuss his father, the late great Dennis Coralluzzo.  TGBL & Marc also share their memories of ribs and hijinks around Dennis’ events and Marc gives a bit more insight into the story behind the Old Lady phone call tapes.

– After weeks of trading barbs, Impressionist Jim Ross and Stuttering Tommy Rich have a rap battle for Superpodcast supremacy!

Time Stamps:

  • Impressionist Jim Ross vs. Stuttering Tommy Rich (1:31:50)
  • Dennis Of The Week with Marc Coralluzzo (2:04:58)
  • Franz Harary on the Black Scorpion (2:32:49)

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