Episode 64: Beat Me If You Can

The Mothership has landed again and it’s time for another episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  The Great Brian Last is joined this week by listener favorite Kurt Brown for a packed show featuring:

– Part Three of our talk with Lynn “The Grappler” Denton, which focuses on The Grappler’s time working in Portland for Don Owen.  We hear about the what it’s like to be both the lead heel and the booker in a territory.  The Grappler tells us about dealing with Billy Jack Haynes running opposition, as well as his later experience having to fire Billy Jack.  We also hear the stories of what caused The Grappler to get fired as booker and immediately re-hired as the assistant booker to Roddy Piper, what a young Scotty The Body (Raven) was like and who beat him up when he was fired, dealing with a difficult Athletic Commission, as well as Lynn’s brief tenure with WCW.  As always with The Grappler, this is a really fun and informative talk!

– Marty Goldstein joins the show to discuss his battles with a corrupt Athletic Commission in Manitoba and how he exposed them.  Marty lays out exactly how the Commission doctored papers in an attempt to rip off promoters.  We also hear about which former wrestler called Marty to threaten him for trying to do the right thing!

– TGBL & Kurt talk about a number of topics including lots of Dr. Jerry Graham stories, The Hangman, the Fred Blassie Fan Club, Dick Lane and much more!   



Book Of The Week:

The Greatest Wrestling Ever in the History of Nashville
Volume 1 by Scott Teal & Don Luce

The Top Ten is sponsored by Ramseur Records’ vinyl release of Josh White’s legendary album Josh At Midnight.

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:04:59)
  • Here & There (1:51:39)
  • Marty Goldstein (2:22:49)
  • The Grappler part three (3:19:42)

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