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Episode 65: Through The Gift Shop

Mercy! The Superpodcast is back with another packed show of classic wrestling stories & humor!  Tom Robinson is back in the co-host chair this week, joining The Great Brian Last for a fun show which features:

– A conversation with Bryan Greenberg, who was a producer of the cult classic I Like To Hurt People!  Bryan talks all about putting the movie together and working with The Sheik and the Detroit wrestling office.  We hear about what the movie was originally going to be, what it was like to spend time at The Sheik’s house, how the movie evolved into the version we all know, and Bryan’s current project to release I Like To Hurt People Too.  We also hear about many of the characters in the movie, including Dusty Rhodes, Andre The Giant, Dick The Bruiser, Bobo Brazil & more!

– Barry Rose, the man behind the Championship Wrestling from Florida Archives facebook group, joins the show for a fun talk!   Barry talks about what it was like growing up in Florida and some of the great wrestlers he got to see on a regular basis.  We hear about how Barry heard the news about the plane crash that ended Buddy Colt’s wrestling career and ended Bobby Shane’s life.  Barry also talks about the fun times he had at the WFIA conventions in Knoxville and Atlanta, including his memories of the night Ole Anderson turned on Dusty Rhodes in the cage!  Finally, Barry lets us know all about the upcoming event he has put together bringing The Assassin, and others, back to Florida!

– We have some classic audio from the mid-1980’s of Dr. Jerry Graham.  We have heard so many stories about The Doc, this week we get to hear his actual voice!

– TGBL & TR talk about numerous topics, from meditation to light beers.  For the Tom Robinson Impression Challenge, Tom attempts to impersonate the 1986 WWF roster.  Plus TRnac, the Handsome Boogie Man, a potential new Top Ten contender and more!



Book Of The Week:

“Woo…Mercy Daddy!” Welcome To My World – The Jimmy Valiant Story by Jimmy Valiant

The Top Ten is sponsored by Ramseur Records & Samantha Crain’s new album “You Had Me At Goodbye.”

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:08:27)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:10:45)
  • Here & There (1:30:20)
  • Dr. Jerry Graham Classic Audio (1:46:58)
  • Barry Rose (2:03:32)
  • Bryan Greenberg (2:57:43)

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