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Episode 103: I Use Nikon

The MOTHERSHIP has landed! It’s time for another episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast! Join The Great Brian Last for this packed episode, featuring:

– Bertrand Hebert returns to the show to discuss his newest book, The Eighth Wonder Of The World: The True Story Of Andre The Giant! Bertrand reveals how he and Pat Laprade researched Andre’s life and career back to the beginning, shattering several myths along the way!

– Geoff Winningham joins the show to talk about the new edition of his landmark book, Friday Night In The Coliseum! Geoff reveals how was able to document Houston wrestling from a vantage point few outsiders had ever had! Geoff talks of his relationships with Paul Boesch, the wrestlers and the fans in Houston!

– Steve Verrier is with us to discuss the life and times of Gene Kiniski! This talk touches on the former NWA Champion’s early days, championship run, personal life and much more!

– Brad Balukjian joins the show to discuss his book The Wax Pack, as well as his attempt to write the biography of The Iron Sheik! We hear about how Brad got to know the Iron Sheik, including traveling with him to his induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame, as well as what life with the Sheik was like! Ultimately, we find out why Brad’s project didn’t come to fruition in this illuminating talk!

– Popular co-host & guest Howard Baum is back to discuss his recent day with Pat Patterson!

– We have classic 50th State Big Time Wrestling audio from March 1, 1969, featuring Wahoo McDaniel, Ripper Collins, Nick Bockwinkel, Toru Tanaka, Ed Francis, Lord James Blears, Rocky Montero, Tex McKenzie and Handsome Johnny Barend!



Book(s) Of The Week:
Eight Wonder Of The World by Bertrand Hebert & Pat Laprade
Friday Night In The Coliseum by Geoff Winningham
The Wax Pack by Brad Balukjian
Gene Kiniski by Steve Verrier

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Time Stamps:

  • Howard Baum on Pat Patterson (0:01:19)
  • 50th State Wrestling audio from March 1, 1969 (0:50:09)
  • Steve Verrier on Gene Kiniski (1:15:57)
  • Brad Balukjian on The Iron Sheik (2:07:43)
  • Geoff Winningham on Houston Wrestling (2:50:47)
  • Bertrand Hebert on Andre The Giant (3:52:52)

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