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Episode 27: The Kamala Family

The Mothership has landed for another exciting week of the 6:05 Superpodcast. This week on the show, amongst other topics, Kenny Bolin joins The Great Brian Last & David Bixenspan to discuss:

  • His teenage wrestling group the Kentuckiana Wrestling Association, where Jim Cornette made all the belts and Kenny won them
  • The lengths Kenny went to in order to find wrestling on TV from all over the country
  • Purchasing his first VCR and taping Jerry Lawler matches in a department store
  • The urban legend of wiring a phone line to a TV and dialing up TV channels from anywhere
  • The creator of the five star rating system, newsletter writer Norman “Weasel” Dooley
  • How Kenny’s friendship with Jim Cornette started
  • Going to McDonalds with Jerry Lawler the night he turned babyface
  • Meeting Nick Gulas, working for him and the trouble getting paid

Also this week we have part two of our discussion about wrestling families, listener letters, The Dennis Of The Week, Boy Tony, Downtown Bruno & Tracy Smothers with the Homophobia Of The Week and much more! Plus, major updates on Santo Gold & Blood Circus, Glen Goza and an alternate version of RASSLIN’! A packed show!

Books of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Dennis Of The Week (1:36:32)
  • Wrestling Families Part 2 (1:43:14)
  • Kenny Bolin interview (2:44:44)

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