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Episode 45: Marriott Parking Lot

The MOTHERSHIP is back again for another action packed week of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  Kurt Brown is back in the co-host chair this week, joining The Great Brian Last on this fun episode, which features:

– A talk with Les Thatcher about his start in the business with Tony Santos’ promotion in Boston.  Les discusses living and working with Pat Patterson, Ron Dupree and Terry Garvin, why the Santos promotion had no TV, the workers back then versus the performers today, Jack Pfefer’s relationship with Santos and much more!

– A conversation with wrestling historian Tom Burke about his friend, and one of wrestling’s most misunderstood characters, Chris Colt.  Colt has been a popular subject on the Superpodcast and Tom  sheds light on what made him tick.

– An interview with filmmaker Jeff Krulik, of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame, about his 1994 film Mr. Blassie Goes To Washington.

– Amy Lee joins the show for the Dennis Of The Week, our weekly tribute to promoter Dennis Coralluzzo.  Amongst other stories, Amy talks about her legendary parking lot fight with Dennis.

– The Top Ten, as usual, goes in a million directions, covering Titanes En El Ring, Slammers and Verne Langdon, Tony Rocco and Widman Jack Armstrong, the fake Apache Bull Ramos, Japanese wrestler misspellings & wrestler nicknames in the Observer, Wild Bull Currry, The Antichrist, Captain Lou Albano’s promo for Mike Lano’s tv show, Longmont Potion Castle and much more!


Book of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Superuniverse Top 10 (0:08:02)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:31:13)
  • Here & There (1:36:06)
  • Dennis Of The Week with Amy Lee (1:43:21)
  • Tom Burke on Chris Colt  (2:08:12)
  • Jeff Krulik on Mr. Blassie Goes To Washington (2:46:44)
  • Les Thatcher on starting out in Boston (3:07:38)

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