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Episode 11: Cornette Returns

Jim Cornette, wrestling renaissance man and author of Tuesday Night at the Gardens, rejoins David Bixenspan and The Great Brian Last for another edition of 6:05, the Superpodcast, covering a ton of old-school  wrestling topics including:

  • The Poffos’ ICW and seeing Randy Savage when he was the undiscovered best wrestler in the world…plus Jim confirms an urban legend about Savage. No, not that one.
  • Personal memories of Eddie Gilbert from the ’70s through just before Eddie’s passing in 1995.
  • The amazing video of various 1984 WWF personalities pleading with a judge to be lenient to the Iron Sheik and the book that tells the story.
  • How Dennis Coralluzzo and Kenny Bolin became fast friends.

And much, MUCH more, including Jim watching/doing commentary on the video of Rock ‘n’ Roll Roy Toy, which we’ve synced up to the match:

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