Episode 62: Sugar Hold Challenge

The Mothership has touched down and it is time for another week of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  The Great Brian Last is joined this week by popular co-host Scott Cornish for a packed show which features:

– Jim Cornette and Austin Idol join the show to celebrate the careers of Ivan Koloff and George “The Animal” Steele.

– Scott Teal makes his annual visit to the Superpodcast to discuss the 2017 docket for Crowbar Press.  Scott also shares the story of how he met Ivan Koloff, whose autobiography he published.  This conversation also touches on Gary Hart’s book, dealing with inaccuracies when writing a wrestler’s story, the importance of speaking to old timers to preserve wrestling’s history and much more!

– William Harding shares the amazing story of the night in 1981 that he got out of Bob Roop’s Sugar Hold and the difficulties he had in getting Angelo Poffo’s ICW to pay up the $1,000 he earned by doing such.  We also have some audio from Bob Roop, courtesy of Crowbar Press, talking about his memories of that night and the Sugar Hold Challenge.

– TGBL & Scott talk about George Steele, Ivan Koloff, Bruiser Bedlam, Captain Lou Albano and much more!  Plus Jeff Walton on The Hangman, classic Dr. Jerry Graham audio from 1995, Dr. Mike Lano news, TRnac, Stuttering Tommy Rich, the Handsome Boogie Man, an update on Impressionist Jim Ross and much more!



Book Of The Week:

Wrestling in the Garden – The Battle for New York: Works, Shoots & Double-Crosses by Scott Teal & J. Michael Kenyon

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:07:17)
  • Fantasy Booking (1:05:41)
  • Dr. Jerry Graham Interviewed by Tom Burke (1:34:55)
  • TGBL & Scott on George Steele & Ivan Koloff (1:40:17)
  • Jim Cornette on George Steele & Ivan Koloff (1:54:47)
  • Austin Idol on George Steele & Ivan Koloff (2:09:24)
  • Scott Teal on Crowbar Press (2:31:29)
  • Bob Roop on the Sugar Hold Challenge (3:20:03)
  • William Harding on the Sugar Hold Challenge (3:24:44)

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