Episode 92: Lords Of The Ring

Call Somebody!  The MOTHERSHIP has landed!  Join The Great Brian Last for this packed edition of the 6:05 Superpodcast, Featuring:

– Jeff Oddo joins the show to talk about Lords Of The Ring, wrestling’s first commercial home video.  Jeff discusses his background and how he ended up at Independent Media working on a wrestling project.  We hear all about how the content was gathered for this video, and the producers’ dealings with the WWF, Jim Crockett, Fritz Von Erich and Verne Gagne.  We also hear about how London Publishing & Pro Wrestling Illustrated became involved, as well as what happens when you go out drinking with Gordon Solie!

– Longtime referee Jim Molineaux joins the show to discuss a range of topics, including Joel Goodheart’s TWA, where Jim started out.  Jim talks about the friendship he developed with Buddy Rogers, and what happened when Goodhearted folded.  We hear about the early days of ECW, as well as Jim’s memories of the night ECW & XPW clashed in Los Angeles!

– John Hitchcock and Front Row Section D returns this week, with John sharing his memories of Wrestler War ’90 and the fallout from his “We Have Herd Enough!” sign.  John also talks about meeting and talking comic books with Jerry Garcia!

– The late Don Leo Jonathan is remembered this week, as we play some previously unaired audio from earlier in 2018 where Don Leo talks about speaking Yiddish!

– Pandemonium Theatre debuts, with the Superpodcast beginning it’s series of readings of the Vince McMahon biopic script Pandemonium Inc!  It’s as awful as you’ve imagined.



Book Of The Week:
Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story Of ECW by Scott E. Williams

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Time Stamps:

  • Don Leo Jonathan(0:05:44)
  • John Hitchcock (0:13:39)
  • Pandemonium Theatre (0:35:22)
  • Jim Molineaux (0:51:50)
  • Jeff Oddo (1:48:05)

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