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Episode 84: Plastic Surgery

Like an open hand slap to the head, the 6:05 Superpodcast is back!  This week, The Great Brian Last is joined by Dan Farren in the co-host chair for a packed episode, featuring:

– Dr. D David Schultz, author of our Book Of The Week “Don’t Call Me Fake,” joins the show for part one of a discussion about his career as both a wrestler and bounty hunter.  Dr. D explains exactly what a bounty hunter does and goes into detail about a few of his experiences finding bail jumpers.  Dr. D also talks about how he got started in wrestling, from being trained by Herb Welch to being smartened up.  We also hear exactly what happened with John Stossel’s lawsuit following his infamous run-in with the Doctor!

– Judge Richard Boner joins the show to discuss his time working as a lawyer in the 1980’s for Jim Crockett Promotions.  The Judge sheds some light on topics such as how Jim Crockett purchased his planes, how Andre The Giant was taken by a con artist, as well as the search for bootleg merchandise at the height of the company’s run!  A fun talk, with many small details sprinkled in that have never been reported before.

– Greg Oliver, author of the Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame series of books and the man behind Slam Wrestling, debuts on the show to discuss everything from his 1980’s newsletter, The Canadian Wrestling Report, to his approach to covering

– Jerry Grey is back this week to discuss his tours with New Japan and working with the UWF crew after their return.  Jerry talks about what it was like to work against Akira Maeda & Yoshiaki Fujiwara, as well as which wrestler pissed off Fujiwara.  We also hear about Japan’s young boy system, Inoki’s slaps, Hiro Matsuda’s beer drinking gifts and much more!   To support Jerry’s cancer battle, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/527hg2g!

– TGBL & Dan discuss Los Angeles wrestling history, the search for lost footage, the WWF’s “Dan Farren” and much more!   Plus the Top Ten, Hot Dog, The Magnificent One & more!



Book Of The Week:

Don’t Call Me Fake: The Real Story of Dr. D David Schultz by David Schultz with John Cosper

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Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:09:33)
  • Jerry Grey (1:05:10)
  • Greg Oliver (1:21:25)
  • Judge Richard Boner (2:04:11)
  • Dr. D David Schultz part one (2:56:53)

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