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Episode 100: Part Two

The MOTHERSHIP returns with Part Two of Episode 100 of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  Join The Great Brian Last for this spectacular, featuring:

– Sean Waltman joins the show to discuss his early years in the wrestling business!  Sean talks about growing up as a fan of Championship Wrestling from Florida, working on the ring crew, and training with The Great Malenko!  We also hear how Sean ended up in Minnesota, his early career breaks as the Lightning Kid, his ill-fated match with Bill Wilcox, memories of Dennis Coralluzzo and more!

– Japan’s leading historian, Fumi Saito, returns to the show for another of our popular segments looking at the history of Japanese pro wrestling!  This time we tackle the early 1980’s, when talent is jumping & scandal is brewing!  We talk Tiger Mask, the popularity of Terry Funk, Hulk Hogan’s rise, the defection of Akira Maeda and the UWF & more!

– Mike O’Hara joins the show to discuss his years in and around the wrestling business!  Mike talks about discovering the IWA on New York television, meeting Hulk Hogan and starting his fan club, the WFIA, Mike Bellew & Wrestling Eye magazine, Vega International’s New York events, Chick Donovan, New Wave Wrestling & more!

– Vandal Drummond himself, Kurt Brown returns to talk Dr. Jerry Graham!

– Golden Boy Jerry Grey is back with a medical update , as well as to share some wild stories about Kendo Nagasaki & Keiji Muto and riding with Dennis Condrey!



Book Of The Week:
They Call Me Booker! by Jeff Bowdren

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Time Stamps:

  • Fumi Saito (0:01:127)
  • Jerry Grey (1:15:24)
  • Mike O’Hara (1:42:51)
  • Kurt Brown (2:53:06)
  • Sean Waltman (3:09:29)

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