Buzz Sawyer

Episode 16: This Guy’s Insane

David Bixenspan and The Great Brian Last activate their Superpodcast superpowers for another week of old-school pro wrestling tomfoolery, including:

  • Five words: Confessions of a Ring Rat.
  • What if The Von Erichs feuded with the Russians who ruined their Olympic hopes?
  • Buzz Sawyer acting normal kind of?
  • The death of legendary wrestler, booker, interviewer, and promoter Lord James Blears. Make sure to check out these amazing old Hawaiian promos and this article on how he survived a World War II siege by a Japanese submarine)
  • Donnie B joining us for an extended edition of Dennis of the Week, which is part one of our two-part chat with him.

And a whole lot more, including Bix relating a story of teenaged internet mischief as well as a look at “Is That Wrestling Fake?” by Ivan Koloff and Scott Teal as our book of the week.

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