Buddy Rogers & Bruno Sammartino at the 1991 Weekend of Champions

Episode 23: That’s My Shirt!

The 6:05 Superpodcast rides again with another supersized episode of old-school wrestling talk. On this week’s show:

  • Tom Robinson returns for another Dennis Of The Week, talking about Dennis Coralluzzo’s NWA Grandslam shows in 1993 that he worked on and helped promote, as well as the time he was confused for Pat Tanaka during a bar brawl.
  • “What If?” returns as Bix and Brian discuss the prospects of ESPN picking one of the non-AWA promotions that was in the running for their pro wrestling slot in 1985.
  • Part one of our chat with John Arezzi, who discusses Papucho, how he talked his way into working a WWWF TV taping, his early days running the Freddie Blassie Fan Club, his amazing pre-dentistry Mike Lano stories, inventing the modern wrestling fan convention and much more.
  • Audio of a 1988 appearance by Michael Hayes on Dallas radio to promote his concert at the Sportatorium. He also talks about the problems within the Freebirds, where he stands with the Von Erichs and his musical aspirations.

And much more, including “Listen, You Pencil Neck Geeks” by “Classy” Freddie Blassie as our Book of the Week.

Time Stamps:

  • Dennis Of The Week (0:42:30)
  • What If? (1:09:20)
  • John Arezzi part 1 (1:43:39)
  • Michael Hayes 1988 radio interview (2:50:43)

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