Episode 33: Trans Euro Express

Call Somebody! hinghe Mothership has landed and the Superpodcast is back with another packed episode! Lots of great stuff on the program this week, including:

  • Part one of our conversation with Donny Laible. Having done many things in and around professional wrestling, from being a photographer to being a manager, Donny shares stories of how he first got involved in the wrestling business and what the New York fan scene was like in the 1970’s. We also hear about the inner workings of the wrestling magazines and how well, or not well, they paid photographers. Donny also shares the tale of the frightening incident with an ECW wrestler that made him walk away from the wrestling world.
  • We have the story of Dick The Bruiser’s son’s quest for a Liberace autograph. And when we say “Dick The Bruiser’s son” we mean a complete fraud pretending to be Dick The Bruiser’s son.
  • Another dose of listener questions and “What If” suggestions.

Plus, The Top Ten descends into more mindless (or mindful) wrestling talk than usual, the history of Marc Gullen’s Superuniverse title rein and much more!

Book of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Top 10 (0:00:00)
  • Here and There (0:52:38)
  • Listener questions (1:21:04)
  • Book of the Week (2:13:11)
  • Don Laible (2:31:18)

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