Episode 79: How Is This Legal?

The Superpodcast returns with another packed episode!  Hop on The Mothership this week, as The Great Brian Last & Howard Baum guide you on this wild journey, featuring:

– Bobby Fulton returns to the show for a fun conversation touching on many topics, including World Class in Israel, Eric Embry, Andre The Giant, Ken Mantel, and some crazy stories about Dale “TNT” Mann!

– John Hitchcock is back with another riotous installment of Front Row Section D!  This week, John talks about Magnum T.A. & Dusty Rhodes and why they weren’t so happy with his signs!

– After going through the Superpodcast audio archives, we finally air an interview with Dan Severn, former UFC & NWA Champion, that took place a while back and never aired due to audio issues.  In this talk, Dan discusses the early days of No Holds Barred fighting, his early battles in the UFC, Ken Shamrock, going to the WWF, the Brawl For All and more!

– We revisit an earlier conversation with Marty Gold, airing the first portion of his interview from Episode 64 of the 6:05 Superpodcast, which had previously been edited out of that episode.  This portion of our talk deals with Marty’s early days in and around wrestling in Manitoba!

– TGBL & Howard talk about numerous nutty topics, including a letter from Malka’s boyfriend, classic angry feedback from a patriotic photo collector, Steve Keirn, The Tonga Kid, Norman Dooley, the 1985 Tag Team Of The Year award ceremony & more!



Book Of The Week:

Front Row Section D by John Hitchcock
The Realest Guy In The Room by Dan Severn

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Time Stamps:

  • Marty Gold (1:04:00)
  • Front Row Section D with John Hitchcock (1:22:56)
  • Bobby Fulton (1:55:58)
  • Dan Severn (3:02:40)

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