Episode 93: Selling Cups

THE MOTHERSHIP is here!  Join The Great Brian Last for a packed episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast, featuring:

– Peter Birkholz returns to the show to discuss Jose Lothario and his importance to Houston wrestling.  Peter talks about what kind of guy Jose was behind the scenes, as well as how Jose helped break Gino Hernandez in and get him over to the hometown fans.  Peter also shares his memories about what the Houston office was hearing and thinking in 1972 when the Georgia war broke out, as well as Dory Funk Jr.’s 1973 tractor accident right before he was to drop the NWA title to Jack Brisco!

– The Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller, host of the Studcast, returns to the show to spend a few minutes talking about Jose Lothario and his memories of when Jose and his wife lived with the Fullers!

– Jeff Steele joins the show for a fun talk covering a number of topics, centering around Jeff’s time as a ring announcer in Jackson, Mississippi.  Jeff recalls when the Culkins broke away from Leroy McGuirk, as well as some of the talent they pushed as stars.  Jeff also shares his knowledge about Catsaboulos The Welcher and much more!

– Al Getz returns to the show this week to discuss his new project, Charting There Territories.  Al explains the concept he has come up with, which develops a statistic based on where a wrestler is historically booked on a card. Al talks about the development of SPOT and how he thinks this could be applied in the future to wrestling research!

– The Golden Boy Jerry Grey is back this week, sharing his memories of Billy Jack Haynes, who he worked with in Florida and Portland.  We find out what Jerry thinks about the tales of Billy Jack’s side work in the 1980’s, as well as what happened when a jealous babyface stomped Billy Jack’s hat in the locker room!

– Pandemonium Theatre returns this week, with a special guest joining the Pandemonium Players!

Plus more!



Book Of The Week:
When Wrestling Was Rasslin’ by Peter Birkholz

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Time Stamps:

  • Jerry Grey (0:01:11)
  • Pandemonium Theatre (0:26:36)
  • Al Getz on Charting The Territories (0:40:20)
  • Ron Fuller on Jose Lothario (1:15:49)
  • Peter Birkholz on Jose Lothario (1:25:22)
  • Jeff Steele (1:53:12)

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