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Episode 31: That’s Not My Dad

Time for another trip on the Mothership, as the 6:05 Superpodcast is back! Join the best wrestling podcast on the planet for a jam packed show, including:

  • Part Three of our conversation with Polish Joe Ciupik. The long time AWA producer tells us about when Jesse Ventura showed up at the AWA production studios while working for the WWF, the last days of the AWA, the contents of the AWA tape library and more!
  • A talk with Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics about seeing Wild Bull Curry while growing up and later having the opportunity to wrestle him. Bobby also shares his memories of Gypsy Joe.
  • On the topic of Gypsy Joe, Jim Cornette joins the show once again to add his thoughts. Jim also tells us a little about the wrestling history of the Cincinnati Gardens, which was recently sold and is due to be demolished.
  • Brian Tramel is back for another Dennis Of The Week, sharing stories about the origin of the “Piss Boys” and the time Dennis Coralluzzo commandeered a Domino’s Pizza delivery car.

All of that plus an update on Jerry Brown’s confrontation with Bill Watts, more Wild Bull Curry stories, a Superuniverse Superpod Rumble rap and much more!

Book of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Superuniverse Top 10 (0:00:00)
  • Here and There (0:40:37)
  • Dennis Of The Week (1:08:55)
  • “Wild” Bull Curry stories (1:14:46)
  • Bobby Fulton (1:22:22)
  • Jim Cornette (1:58:42)
  • Hulk Hogan “What If?: follow-up: Austin Idol as 1984 Hulk Hogan (2:35:36)
  • Polish Joe (2:45:55)

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Episode 13: Good Psychology, Brother

David Bixenspan and The Great Brian Last are back in the saddle for a supersized Superpodcast with another detailed look at the best in old-school pro wrestling, including:

  • Follow-ups on Koko Ware’s jobber destruction including an amusing twist of fate.
  • What if Roddy Piper took Gary Hart’s offer to go to World Class in 1982?
  • An interview with Rik Ratchet about Dennis Coralluzzo and “Iron” Mike Sharpe.
  • Part two of our chat with Scott Teal about his Crowbar Press books as well as his days writing and publishing Slam-O-Gram programs for Nick Gulas. Make sure to use our Amazon link if you’re picking up the Kindle versions!

And so much more, including J.J. Dillon’s “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls” as our book of the week, Facebook questions, and early pro wrestling hardcore fandom talk.

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