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A Conversation with Jerry Grey

This special edition of the 6:05 Superpodcast, A Conversation with Jerry Grey, began as an impromptu recording session for future segments on the show.  By the end of the recording, the decision was made for this to be a stand alone episode.

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Episode 14: Let’s Go Sailing!

David Bixenspan and The Great Brian Last are back in the saddle for a super special, supersized Superpodcast, which covers the following:

  • The main attraction this week, which is the audio of the audio of the 1996 Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show brunch/banquet, with speeches from Dory Funk Jr., Doug Gilbert, an unadvertised Mick Foley, and others. It comes after most of a normal length episode, and runs from the 1:35:37 mark to the 2:33:59 mark of the show. So if you want to jump to that first or save it for later, those are your timestamps.
  • Matches from Kick Ass Wrestling’s 1999 TV taping at a women’s prison finally hitting YouTube starting with Bull Pain vs. The Soultaker (not that Soultaker).
  • The careers of Kerry Von Erich and Eddie Gilbert, who passed away 23 and 21 years ago this week, respectively.
  • Follow-ups including MORE PIBE DIEZ.

And so much more, including Mick Foley’s “Have A Nice Day” as our book of the week.

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