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Episode 88: Chinese Democracy

Just when you thought it was safe, THE MOTHERSHIP has landed! Join The Great Brian Last and co-host Howard Baum for this packed episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast, featuring:

– Wrestling historian & journalist Fumi Saito joins the show again to discuss the early days of Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki.  TGBL & Fumi talk about how Baba & Inoki were both hand-picked by Rikidozan, yet had very different experiences.  We hear about Toyonobori’s role in history, the formation of Tokyo Pro Wrestling, the Baba & Inoki tag tea, the eventual formation of All Japan and New Japan & more!

– Jeff Walton returns to discuss some of the men who held the WWA World Title in the 1960’s.  Once considered one of wrestling’s major world championships, the Los Angeles based title was worn by some of wrestling’s biggest stars.  We hear about Mark Lewin, Pedro Morales, the night Bearcat Wright decided to double cross Fred Blassie & more!

– Jerry Grey is back, sharing more of his tales from his years on the road.  Jerry discusses getting to know Bruiser Brody, and why Brody was concerned in Japan.  We also hear some wild & crazy Steve “Dr. Death” Williams stories, Jerry’s thoughts on Grizzly Smith & more!

Plus the Top Ten with Hot Dog, The Handsome Boogie Man, The Magnificent One, Hiccuping Moolah & more!



Book Of The Week:

Masked Decisions: The Triangular Life Of Dick “The Destroyer” “Dr. X” Beyer by Vincent Evans with Dick Beyer

Please support Ramseur Records by visiting their online store and using the promo code “605” at checkout to save 20%!


Support Jerry Grey’s cancer battle by making a donation to https://www.gofundme.com/527hg2g!


Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:22:22)
  • Here & There (1:19:07)
  • Jerry Grey (1:28:59)
  • Jeff Walton (2:00:35)
  • Fumi Saito (2:47:02)

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