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Episode 38: Numero Uno

The Superpodcast is back with another action packed episode, as The Great Brian Last is joined by Kurt Brown, California indie wrestling’s Vandal Drummond, for a fun wrestling talk.  On this week’s show:

– Part two of our conversation with Jeanie Clarke, author of the new book “Through The Shattered Glass.”  Jeanie talks about a number of topics, including the incident that ruined the relationship between Chris Adams & Steve Austin, her short run in WCW as Lady Blossom, what inspired Steve Austin’s 3:16 interview at King Of The Ring, how Vince McMahon treated her and much more.

– Dan Severn returns for another Dennis Of The Week segment.  This week Dan talks about the rib that was played on one of Dennis’ young wrestlers, his locker room confrontation with Dory Funk, his match with Steven Regal and how he would like to see Dennis Coralluzzo remembered.

– TGBL & Kurt talk about a number of wild topics, including Chris Colt, Kurt’s memories of being in the Omni for the Ole Anderson turn on Dusty Rhodes in 1980, Mil Mascaras, Diamond Timothy Flowers, Mike Lano’s tall tales and more!

Book of the Week:
“’Through The Shattered Glass’” by Jeanie Clark

Time Stamps:

– Superuniverse Top Ten (0:09:30)

– Here And There (1:26:04)

– Dennis Of The Week with Dan Severn (2:01:07)

– Discussion (2:24:09)

– Jeanie Clarke (2:26:52)


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Episode 30: Lady Of The Morning

The Superpodcast is back for another exciting week of action. Topics this week include:

  • Part Two of our talk with AWA producer Polish Joe Ciupik, discussing Wally Karbo, an infamous Midnight Rockers promo incident, his relationship with Verne Gagne, Superclash III, the Team Challenge Series, Eric Bischoff, the story of the AWA’s talks with WGN & Hulk Hogan and much more!
  • A fun talk with Kurt Brown about Los Angeles wrestling in the early 1980’s. We hear stories about The Monster, Ox Baker & Enforcer Luciano, Gordman & Goliath, a locker room brawl between the Guerreros and Timothy Flowers and, of course, a Dr. Mike Lano story. Kurt also joins us earlier in the show to discuss the ugliness of Jerry Brown.
  • For the Dennis Of The Week we are joined by former newsletter writer and tape trader Brian Tramel.
  • The return of our popular “What if” segment with: What If Hulk Hogan hadn’t left the AWA?

Also, Bruce Hart in our Homophobia Of The Week, more on Wild Bull Curry, The Top Ten, listener fantasy booking, 6:05 signs at shows and much more!

Book of the Week:

Time Stamps:

  • Dennis Of The Week (1:44:23)
  • Kurt Brown (2:00:15)
  • What If? (2:38:23)
  • “Polish” Joe Ciupik part 2 (3:06:17)

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