Episode 25: Goin’ To Rasslin’

The 6:05 Superpodcast is back again for another week of classic wrestling fun, including:

  • Brian and Bix’s review of “Lovestruck,” the documentary about Sue Chuter, or as 6:05 listeners would know her, Sue The Shooter.
  • A “Dennis Of The Week” that continues our look at his 1992 run as Kamala’s manager in the USWA.
  • An extended discussion about wrestling families, both real and fake.
  • The second part of our conversation with John Arezzi, discussing his reporting of the WWF sex and steroid scandals on the early 1990’s, being on the panel of the notorious wrestling episode of Donahue, bringing Vince Russo into the wrestling business and forming a short lived partnership with him, promoting international tours under the IWAS banner and more.

Plus, we talk Glen Goza’s R-A-S-S-L-I-N song, a possible Wee Willie Wilson sighting, World Class commentators and much more, including CHOKEHOLD: Pro Wrestling’s Real Mayhem Outside the Ring by Jim Wilson and Weldon T. Johnson as our Book of the Week. (US: Kindle & physical copy)

Time Stamps:

  • Dennis of the Week (1:09:02)
  • Wrestling Families (1:36:50)
  • John Arezzi (2:38:09)

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