Episode 67: Coin Envelopes

Baby Baby!  The Only Podcast That Matters is back and it’s time for another episode of the 6:05 Superpodcast!  Hop aboard the Mothership with The Great Brian Last and this week’s co-host Jeff Bowdren for another wild ride, featuring:

– In The News with Jim Cornette returns this week, and we look at stories involving wrestler lawsuits, riots, forced labor & more!

– John Cosper, author of this week’s Book Of The Week, joins the show to discuss the history of Louisville wrestling and the legacy of the Allen Athletic Club.  This conversation includes stories of wrestling bears, alligators and escaped prisoners!  We discuss many of the greats that wrestled in Louisville, like Lou Thesz, Bill Longson, Gorgeous George, Buddy Rogers and more!  This look at what, until now, had been a forgotten period in Louisville’s wrestling history is both informative and fun!

– Bob Barnett returns to the show to discuss why Dr. Mike Lano is no longer allowed to practice dentistry.

– We introduce the 605’ers to Marion Crumley, who was a rather unique jobber, with Jim Cornette, who watches a Crumbly match with us.

– TGBL & Bowdren The Booker discuss many topics, from the worst angles in Mid South to tastelessness in World Class.  Plus TRnac, Stuttering Tommy Rich, The Handsome Boogie Man, a missive from The Hangman & more!



Book Of The Week:

Louisville’s Greatest Show: The Story Of The Allen Athletic Club by John Cosper

The Top Ten is sponsored by Ramseur Records & the release of David Childers’ new album “Run Skeleton Run.”

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:03:30)
  • Jim Cornette on Marion Crumley (1:39:58)
  • Bob Barnett (1:49:02)
  • Show Notes (2:04:39)
  • In The News with Jim Cornette (2:09:14)
  • John Cosper (2:50:55)

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