Episode 59: Is That For True?

Set your clock to Turner Time, as this week’s 6:05 Superpodcast has arrived!  Tom Robinson is back in the co-host chair, joining The Great Brian Last for another week of The Only Podcast That Matters! This episode features:

– Another edition of In The News, where Jim Cornette & TGBL look at classic newspaper stories about professional wrestling.  Topics this week include athletic commissions, worked street fights for publicity, and the story of Sputnik Monroe’s 1960 arrest.

– Dan Farren joins the show to discuss the late Bobby Shane.  Dan tells us about his shock when Bobby Shane showed up in January of 1975 to work a week for the Los Angeles office.  We hear details about how Shane was in the ring and what kind of heat he drew without even doing an interview.  Dan will also share the story of Bobby Shane’s last main event, which he witnessed.

– Musician and podcaster Otis Gibbs joins the show to discuss the song Sputnik Monroe, off his new album Mount Renraw.  Otis talks about why the story of Sputnik inspired him to write the song, which we will hear at the conclusion of the interview.  We also hear about Otis growing up watching Dick The Bruiser in Indianapolis.

– TGBL & TR discuss a wide range of issues, including Stan Lane’s ability to pick up women, “Superfly” Sivi Afi, the New Buddha Khan and much more!  Plus the wildest TRnac yet, the Handsome Boogie Man, Stuttering Tommy Rich, the Tom Robinson impression challenge and more!



Song Of The Week:

Sputnik Monroe by Otis Gibbs

Time Stamps:

  • Top Ten (0:07:06)
  • Here & There (1:25:16)
  • Dan Farren on Bobby Shane (1:56:22)
  • In The News with Jim Cornette (2:26:38)
  • Otis Gibbs on Sputnik Monroe (3:06:48)

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